At Stockport Chiropody clinic we provide professional treatment and advice on all foot related issues. Our HCPC registered chiropodists/podiatrists specialise in routine chiropody treatments. They will fully assess your general foot health and give you individual advice on what treatments will be required.

What is involved in a routine chiropody treatment and what will happen when i first come to the clinic?

Upon arrival the receptionist will ask you to fill in an assessment form (about your medical history, relative to your foot health). (see also privacy policy).

The chiropodist/podiatrist will call you into the clinic for treatment where you can relax in a comforting foot bath.

The chiropodist/podiatrist will go through your patient assessment sheet. They will fully assess your foot health and examine your feet, and you will be advised on the treatments that will be required.

Usually the chiropodist/podiatrist will cut all your toe nails and treat any nail problems and gently file your nails with a specialist drill.

Any areas of hard skin, (callus, corns etc) will be gently reduced/ removed and then therapeutically sanded down to produce a smooth comfortable appearance.

Your initial and follow up treatments will be a 30 minute consultation and treatment, sometimes the chiropodist/podiatrist may request an hour long appointment, this will be billed the same as a 30 minute consultation, i.e no extra charge.

Your chiropodist/podiatrist will give you a thorough routine treatment and assessment on every visit, they will also advise you on any on going treatments and generally advise you about good foot health. They will also advise you if follow up appointments are required.

Full assessment and treatment £30